482.solutions. Who we are.

We are 482.solutions, one of the TOP world blockchain development companies, inspired by technology and world-changing ideas that provide research and development services.

We are specialized in :

  • R&D in Distributed ledger technologies (DLT);
  • Consensus algorithm development;
  • Token economy model development;
  • Public & Private Blockchain Development;
  • Decentralized applications (DApps);
  • Blockchain technology integration consulting;
  • IoT and Robotics;
  • Cryptocurrency hard forks;
  • Business development and R&D in cryptoeconomy infrastructure

482.solutions was founded in 2013 in Odessa, Ukraine. For now we have a huge list of realized projects and innovative solutions, which are used by such companies as:

Our team win in different worldwide and local competitions, there some of them:

Each member of our staff — a master of his craft. But only together we can call ourselves a team. Precision in details allows us to create not just a products, but above all — an efficient working tool, that focused on the customer’s business. Our principles — transparency, honesty and professionalism. We value our reputation and reputation of our customers. These qualities allows us to create products, that we can rightly be proud of.

You are always welcome to contact us.

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