We mentioned about Dapps in our post. Most of these applications are built on Ethereum blockchain and work only with nodes of the decentralized network.

Therefore, to work with dapps in standard browsers you need a kind of bridge between the blockchain and your internet browser. This function is performed by the MetaMask extension.

For dapps to work in Chrome, Opera or Firefox, you need:

  1. Install the extension from the (,

  2. Come up with a password for the account,

  3. Copy in a reliable place a code phrase of 12 words - it will come in handy when you restore an account,

  4. Sign up into MetaMask.

Details about the extension can be found in the video on YouTube

The MetaMask account is also wallet for the ETH and ERC-20 tokens At the same time, the extension allows you to generate many wallet accounts under the same password. To store different coins in one program is quite convenient. The main condition - crypto currency should be based on the Ethereum blockchain.

ANd the last one. It has a cool fox logo that follows your mouse around, which made us smile. So, let's get started with MetaMask!

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