What actually happened with MyEtherWallet ???

The disagreements between the founders of MyEtherWallet, which became known a few days ago, led to the emergence of contradictory and not always relevant rumors in the community. Nevertheless, the service continues to operate under the same name and with the same user base, albeit without an officially registered company, on behalf of which its activities would be conducted.

The story began on the night of Friday, February 9. The official Twitter account MyEtherWallet changed its name to MyCrypto without any advance notice. Many users suggested that the account was compromised, but it soon became clear that it represents the same product, and some developers carried out the “fork” of the project and rebranding.

The tweet was published on behalf of Taylor Monahan (tayvano), one of the co-founders of the project, and also contained a link to the blog entry, which describes the history of the MyEtherWallet creation up to the present day.

Now we have the following:

  • MyEtherWallet and MyCrypto exist in parallel, offering virtually identical services.

  • At least 10 former MEW employees, including Taylor Monahan, are now working on MyCrypto. Hemachandra confirmed at Reddit that the majority of employees have gone to MyCrypto, while the latter claim that their project counts 20 people.

  • Twitter-Accumulation MyCrypto has more than 80,000 followers who previously subscribed to the MEW account. The new @ MyEtherWallet account currently has about 7,000 followers.

What MyCrypto aims in the nearest future :

The new react & typescript codebase has been audited. Pending a few minor updates, public beta testing will commence in the coming weeks. This codebase will eventually serve live to https://mycrypto.com. We aim to launch desktop apps and then mobile apps in the coming months.

Until we are confident in the stability & usability of the new codebase, a forked version of the current version of MEW will continue to be maintained and improved on https://mycrypto.com.

What they ( I mean MyCrypto team) think about MyEtherWallet:

MyEtherWallet will continue to be online until it, for whatever reason, is not online. As we do for a number of products in this space, if we at any point determine the domain to be compromised, serving malicious code, or otherwise detrimental to the community, we will do what we can to warn the community and prevent use of that codebase and website. However, we wish the best for MyEtherWallet and hope it continues to be a viable product in this space.


Attorney Badri Nataradzhan, who claims to have no connection with any of the parties to the conflict, conducted his own analysis of the situation. Referring to court documents, he writes that Hemachandra negotiated with Monahan to buy full control over MyEtherWallet LLC for $ 1 million, insisting that he has every right to study financial documents of the company. Monakhan, however, refused to do so, and a corresponding lawsuit was filed.Its consideration will be held March 27 at the Supreme Court of California in Los Angeles.

Stay tuned, dear Community!

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