Yoichi Hirai has resigned as Ethereum platform code editor becuse of EIP 867.

Ethereum developer Yoichi Hirai, has resigned as one of the platform’s code editors, citing concerns that a contentious proposal may be in violation of penal law.

Hirai was one of six ethereum developers with the rights to accept software changes onto the platform. He is the one of the most productive Ethereum team member with 5231 contributions per year.
The cause of his decision was the Standardized Ethereum Recovery Proposals (ERPs) #867

If shortly it allows to restore lost funds has been sended to wrong address, by wrong decision, etc.
The problem with EIP 867 is that it offers the standardization of Ethereum Recovery Proposals (ERPs). The idea is that on the network sometimes there are technical mistakes in smart contracts that result in large losses of funds (see The DAO). In the case of DAO, the problem was solved by the hard fork: the transactions that led to the problem were rolled back, and the contract was rewritten to make it more secure. Because of this, there was a split that led to the creation of the Ethereum Classic network, in which the hardfork ignored.

In the case of EIP 867, such a procedure is proposed to make it standardized. Most agree that this is a disgrace, because:

  1. It leads to hardcore and more and more splits.

  2. Kills the ideology of blockades: the user and only the user can dispose of his money.

  3. It leads to centralization, because ERP is formatted in the same format as EIP, and the arbitrators are ERP editors. So we can be witness of the creation of Etereum government …

This ERP can be historical point in Ethereum community history and Pandora’s box as well…

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